Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet Treats

I love my holidays and days that celebrate fun things like… Ice Cream.
That’s right All, it’s at hand again, National Ice cream Day! Check out what I made to celebrate the day!

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Hooray for National Ice Cream Day!

Whatever way you plan on celebrating your ice cream, check out the links below for interesting information on Ice Cream and some great ideas and some of my favorite ice cream recipes. Also, Check out the Ice Cream store for kewl gadgets to make ice cream at home!

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Ice Cream Day

Its that time again! Christmas you say? No, no thats in a few months but something equally as exciting, National Ice Cream day! Yay! Last year, a group of us went out to celebrate at Cold Stone. This year I am going to attempt to make a batch of oreo cookie ice cream at home. However, I still may go out and enjoy a sorbet or frozen treat in honor of this happy day.
See some ice cream history below.

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