Ovaltine Cereal Bars

Sometimes, you just want a lil something sweet to eat that is not super sugary or bad for you, oh and doesn’t involve baking. Not possible you say? Its sooo possible. There are so many great homemade treats out there, you just have to hunt them down. I think I have found a favorite in these bars. I actually took a look…

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National Sugar Cookie Day!

It’s National Sugar Cookie day today, July 9th.

Well at least some people think so. I’ve checked all around the net and found lots of posts about Sugar Cookie day. Everyone loves cookies, young and old alike. It just seems to bring a smile a face upon presenting them.

To celebrate this day, I have included links below to my favorite Sugar Cookie variations, including a gluten-free recipe I like.

To learn more about this day you can visit the following links:

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Beef & Veggie Stir-fry

I have never made a stir-fry before. Can you believe it? All the cooking I have accomplished but never this. I suppose I was waiting until I brought a wok or a rice cooker. A week or so ago my mom gave me both her spare wok and cooker she did not need anymore. Thanks Mom and Yay for me! However now, I had no excuse not to try out the basic recipe. So it’s on for dinner tonight!

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