Cookie Exchanges -2011

Cookies (baking and eating) are one of the most favorite Holiday traditions amoung families. It is also quite a lot of work to bake and decorate them. And if you are like me, one who makes about 12 different types of cookies, its a multiple week long process. December is usually very busy for me baking up dozens of yummy treats to share with family and friends.

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Holiday Baking time

The baking has started! Yay!
I never get tired of baking up cookies and treats or decorating them. It’s always so much fun and relaxing for me. However, I won’t lie, its definitely a lot of work but that is a minor side effect of baking for me.
I am really looking forward to baking and giving cookies and treats as…

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Ginger Cookies

These chewy cookies, packed with fresh spices and ginger preserves, are simple to prepare.
A few months ago I tasted a ginger cookie that a friend made and it was just addicting. It had chunks of ginger in it and all I can remember about it is that I could not stop eating them.
In my quest for holiday cookie recipes I came across this one. Its not the recipe I tasted but its very good. I will have to call my friend and ask her for her recipe so I can share the addiction with you!
The following recipe adapted from Food Network Kitchens…

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