Mother’s Day

Planning on making something a lil special for Mom or yourself if you’re a Mom? Treat her to the thing she deserves most…a break.

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2 for 1: Orange Cranberry Scones and Parmesan Scones

Seriously delicious, very soft and perfect with tea!
I woke up super early because I couldn’t sleep (too many things on my mind) and well I was dreaming about having scones for breakfast. In fact I walked 10 miles in the snow to get it…

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Cream Scones

I was never that much of a fan of scones as they were crumbly and of the dry variety. I did not understand what people saw in them. One day I was having my best friend over for brunch and decided I would check out the recipe in my CIA cookbook. No, not that CIA… the Culinary Institute of America. I decided to make three different types of scones, a savory, a plain and fruit one just to see which one tested better….

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Dutch Babys/Oven Pancakes

I love LOVE oven pancakes. My best buddie Kell introduced them to me. She makes the best ones ever! They are just sooo damn good with lemon and powdered sugar or with toppings. I can just about annihilate 2 of these suckers without blinking they are that good. Its the perfect Sunday morning or holiday brunch item when you want to serve something a little different. I am so making them this weekend. *drools*

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