About Me

Tara has always loved to bake. She is well known amongst her friends for hearty meals, delicious cakes, cookies, and tasty treats. Whenever there is a celebration, Tara’s treats are always an anticipated treat.

Whenever there is a Holiday or special occasion you can bet that she will be creating something yummy to share with her friends and co-workers.

During the Holiday season she usually gives Tara created treats that include 12 different kinds of cookies, mini quick bread loaves, homemade hot chocolate, various chocolate cookie bark and the ever popular flavor infused vodkas which are just addicting!

Tara’s favorite thing is baking desserts. She has been taking a few random cooking classes from her favorite Kitchen store, Sur La Table to help her perfect her love of baking!

Stay tuned to see all of the recipes for the above and many, many other favorites!

*Please note that all text, images, graphics and pictures on taraskitchenonline.wordpress.com and taraskitchenonline.com are copyrighted. Wherein the items have not originated from myself every attempt has been made to credit the original author/creator.
For any commercial or non-commercial use of my original images or original recipes, please contact me first.
In all cases I will ask, at minimum that credit be given to taraskitchenonline.com.

One response to “About Me

  1. Hi Tara – i met you while we were both volunteering at the Seattle Food and Wine show recently.
    I enjoy reading your blog – keep up the good work!
    Nancy Fleck


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