Five kinds of Trail Mixes

It’s National Trail Mix Day today (no, I am not making this thing up!) so I went into my pantry to see what kind of goodies I could find to make a couple batches of mix. I opened my pantry and was rewarded with a buffet of fruits, nuts, seeds and cereal options. I’m thinking I may have brought these items separately to add to my lunch box as an afternoon snack but totally forgot about them all.

Usually around 3 pm I start getting that work day crash, where either I need to grab a tea/coffee, go walk around the block on a break or have a snack to get me back on track. On most days caffeine wins with a short walk coming in at second place. I will share that this doesn’t always work but that could have more to do with how much sleep I had the night before.

I started out planning 2 recipes but ended up with 5 in total because I kept thinking of different combos of items!

I had to tear myself away from the kitchen because as I was cleaning up, I thought of another recipe. LOL

I love all of the ingredients and sampled all of the combos and I am super pleased with the results. Based on taste I did end up adding items to a batch if it needed more sweet or salty. Creating concoctions are sooo much fun! Most of the recipes started out equal portions of each but as I sampled them I revised the mix based on my personal preference.

I am now armed with weapons to fight that 3pm crash and I cant wait to see which ones give me the best boost of energy!

Here are my Fab 5 Trail Mix Recipes…

Sweet Treat Trail MixPistachios, dried mangos, dried strawberries, granola, dried blueberries, chia seeds.

Energy/Protein Trail Mix –  Flax Seeds, dried cranberries, mini candy M&Ms, pepitas, whole almonds, pistachios.

Granola Trail Mix Granola, dried cranberries, pistachios, whole almonds.

Dark Chocolate Trail Mix Dried apricots, mini dark chocolate chips, whole almonds.

Cereal Trail MixCheerios, pepitas, dried cranberries and mini dark chocolate chips.



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