Pots de Creme

In honor of Pots de Crème day I decided to try making a batch, even though I haven’t been a huge fan in the past. I am kind of finicky with textures. I do not like flan and jello and other stuff like that. Bleck!

All I can say is that I should have made this thing ages ago, it was so darn good and it was easier than I imagined. Plus with the weather there was NO baking… score!

The dessert has a creamy texture and with the coffee and rum chata it was delightful.

Seriously, the thing took 5 minutes to assemble and then the wait. It was soooo worth the wait.

This could easily become my go to dessert when I want something quick and easy for guests coming over or something elegant.

I will definitely be making this again and experimenting with all kinds of different flavored liqueurs.

Pots de Creme

Prep Time: 4 Hours
Servings: 8 small servings


  • 12 ounces chocolate chips (I used a mix of super dark and white chips)
  • 4 eggs (important, needs to be at room temperature before you begin)
  • 2 teaspoons Rum Chata (or good quality vanilla, Cognac, Grand Marnier, or liqueur etc..)
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 8 ounces of good strong piping hot coffee
  • whipping cream for the topping if desired, I used the can variety since I had it onhand.


  1. Begin by placing the chocolate chips into a blender.
  2. Next, add the eggs and the rum chata (or vanilla) and the pinch of salt and blend on medium speed.
  3. Very slowly pour in the piping hot coffee.
  4. Blend until mixture is smooth.
  5. Pour the chocolatey mixture into your glasses or dishes about half or three quarter full to allow for whipped cream if desired.
  6. Place in the refrigerator to set for at least 3-4 hours.
  7. Garnish with whipped cream.

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