Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet Treats

Scoops of ice cream in an elegant white cup on wooden rustic background with vintage hazy editing

I love my holidays and days that celebrate fun things like… Ice Cream.

That’s right All, it’s at hand again, National Ice cream Day!

In 1984, Ronald Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream Month.  He also named the third Sunday in July as National Ice Cream Day.  So that means today, Sunday, July 19 deserves a special celebration!

To celebrate, I pulled out my multi-tasking ice cream maker to whip up some frozen treats. I wanted a variety of flavors and types of ice-cold treats which included a sorbet and frozen yogurt.

I am not sure why I haven’t used my maker more often in the summer for frozen fruit goodness but seeing how easy it was I will be motivated to try it more.

This past weekend’s recipes:

The winner of the frozen treat recipes? The Earl Grey Sorbet! I have found yet another reason to love my tea. MmMmm You should give it a try, really you should.

Whatever way you plan on celebrating your ice cream day, check out the links below for interesting information on Ice Cream and some great ideas.

Also, Check out the Ice Cream store for kewl gadgets to make ice cream at home!

The History of Ice Cream

From the Cow to the Cone

What’s in the Ice Cream Aisle?

Ice Cream Labeling

Ice Cream Sales & Trends

Tips on Storing & Handling Ice Cream

Tara’s Kitchen Online Fav Ice Cream Recipes.

Recipes from around the web.

Ice Cream Recipes via

Martha Stewart’s Ice Cream Treats.

Check out my compiled lists of MORE Ice Cream links including traditional recipes, adventurous ice cream recipes (Avocado ice cream, spicy beet what?), Ice Cream drinks (Iced Coffee Mocha Float), fixings (syrups and sauces) and more.

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