Have a Soup-er New Year…

About to dig in.

Have a soup-er new year with a healthy, heart-warming dish!

Soup is a good way to start the new year in a heart healthy manner. For me Fall is my favorite time of year because of all the wonderful soups and stews that are traditionally made during time. Of course you should not wait until the cold weather to make soups as they are soups to make all year round.

For the healthy soups, be sure to use plenty of vegetables in season and lay off the heavy creams, butter and go light on the cheeses. I mean don’t get me wrong they make the dishes taste amazing but huge helpings of this does not help in the trying to eat healthy arena. I know your thinking, “But it makes it taste soooo good!”. Yes, yes I hear you but keep reading.

Soups also a wonderful way to get your daily vegetable servings and is very low in fat and calories when done right. It can also save you money on lunches by bringing in a container of soup to work versus popping out to the local lunch place for that sandwich and convenience food.

Soup….there is really more than meets the eye.

My Top 3 Favorite soups:

To check out some of my recipes on soups, stews and broths. Read me here: Soups, Stews & Broths.

To read more about healthy heart warming soups, read this: Have a soup-er new year with a healthy, heart-warming dish.




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