Top 10 Valentine Recipes

Tara’s Kitchen’s Top 10  Valentine dishes

What does Valentine’s day really mean? Do you know? Find out here: Valentine’s Day This is not one of my favorite days to be honest. Maybe one day when I actually have a valentine on this day will I think differently. *smiles* However, I do love any excuse to bake up some treats for friends and family. And they do have so many lil yummy, decadent and delicious lil desserts out there.

Here are my Top 10 Favorite Valentine worthy Recipes for this year to bake for your Valentine or treat for yourself….

Valentines Day Cookies Valentines Day Pancakes  Valentine Bourban Currant Cookies

Valentine Cupcakes with message Chocolate Shortbread Cookies Heart Shaped Scones

Valentine Fudge Hearts Valentines Day PannaCotta Valentines Day Cookies

Marscapone Stuffed Strawberries

Need more ideas try these: -blog article—recipes/seasonal/healthy-valentine-s-day-desserts


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