National Ice Cream Day

On the warm days of summer , what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you want something to cool you off?  Ice Cream!  Always perfect for those warm summer days and nights.

In 1984, Ronald Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream Month.  He also named the third Sunday in July as National Ice Cream Day.  So that means Sunday, July 15 deserves a special celebration!

Whatever way you plan on celebrating your ice cream, check out the links below for interesting infomation on Ice Cream and some great ideas. Also, Check out the Ice Cream store for kewl gadgets to make ice cream at home!

The History of Ice Cream
From the Cow to the Cone
What’s in the Ice Cream Aisle?
Ice Cream Labeling
Ice Cream Sales & Trends
Tips on Storing & Handling Ice Cream

Here are a few recipe ideas from various sources I love for celebrating this yummy occasion on Sunday July 15, 2012:

Tara’s Kitchen Online Fav Ice Cream Recipes.

Ice Cream Recipes via

Martha Stewart’s Ice Cream Treats.

Food Network’s Ice Cream Recipes

Here you will find the traditional ice cream recipes, but you will also find some pretty out there combos of favor.  Spicy beet ice cream anyone? *smiles*

Traditional Ice Cream: For everyone.

Adventurous Ice Cream: For those who like to live on the culinary flavor edge.

Ice Cream Drink Recipes: For general happiness add a shot of rum to all recipes below.

Ice Cream Fixings: To make an already amazing treat, even better.

Whatever your taste, I hope you find a recipe to interest you and hope you get your ice cream on! Check out the Ice Cream store for all your ice cream needs!



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