My 2012 Resolutions…


Tis the season for making and then inevitably breaking well-intentioned promises to get in better shape, eat healthier, and stop procrastinating (my biggest one).  So what is the key to succeeding? I’d say baby steps and to think small.

Here are my Top 5 resolutions…

  • Eat more veggies and drink MORE water.  I started ordering from an organic service a few years in hopes to get more fruits and veggies in my life. I usually have it delivered every other week and although its been great! It feels much like one of those Iron Chef competitions. You don’t really know what you are going to get and then are challenged to cook with it. I like it! I used to get by on half a cup of water (plain glass of water) a day or even a week. However, I do drink coffee, tea, ice tea, chai tea and oh, did I mention tea? This year I made a great start and I get in about 2 glasses a day which is a huge improvement for me but not nearly enough to be healthy. I will say that one of those cups, I end up spilling on my work desk, so maybe its more like a cup and a half.  This year my goal is 4 cups a day (with no spillage) in addition to my mandatory tea and less coffee.

  • Add more cardio.  There was a time when I was dancing (ballroom) 4-5 times a week to get some cardio in, then with the economy the way it was, not having a vehicle at present, cut backs were made. I’m thinking I’ll be adding some free alternatives like walking for 30 mins to an hour a few times a week and then maybe to once a day. A few years ago, I started adding 5k races to my cardio events. Just like last year, Ill make a goal of completing 3 by years end. I also want to ease back into dancing a few times a week versus last year once a week.

  • Limit procrastinating.  My middle name! Those who know me, know me to be a super busy person with an insane social schedule. Once I put something on my calendar then I am pretty good about following through. So where is the procrastination issue? It’s mainly in the areas of things that I need to do for myself like sorting my place, old un-needing things and generally taking care of things that should be done. I want this to be the year I organize myself and things that have been falling through the cracks so I will be adding my own things to my social calendar and creating deadlines for myself help get me in order. By doing this I will be able to enjoy more baking, teaching classes and so much more! The first step will be to schedule more downtime to be able to have time to organize myself which I think was much of the issue!

  • Get more sleep. There really is not enough time in the day but in keeping up with the above resolution this will be key for me. I have been getting more sleep ( 6-7 hours a night) a few nights a week and it really improves my mood and productivity. The days of 4 hour nights are hard to let go of but I have seen the results so it helps.

  • Stop stressing.  For many of us last year was a year or non-stop stressing for a variety of things with work, health and financial among the top items. As the year came to a close I began to seek out things that could help me with de-stressing. Some things I found to work was taking 5 minutes to sit and breathe in and out in slow steady breaths when I found myself amped up. Although this might be a good exercise to do daily when you wake up. Another of my favorite de-stress routines includes meditating.  Although, I seem to only manage to get this in once a week, this lil bit helps me heaps! I can’t even imagine what daily meditating for 15 minutes would do for me! Whatever this year brings to my life I know I am armed with some great tools/options for keeping on top of stress.

There are a couple more that Id like to add but think it just might be too great to take on at the moment and those are cutting back on carbs and less Starbucks. It’s all about thinking small and taking baby steps to the changes we want to succeed at. However, we will see how I do.

Whatever your resolutions for the new year 2012?  I wish you good luck in your adventures!



One response to “My 2012 Resolutions…

  1. This list has been my on-going set of resolutions to get me on the path to live a healthier life. What are your New Years Resolutions if any?

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