Fall Happenings

Fall has arrived too quickly but it is still my favorite season.  There are so many  of my favorite things to look forward  to. Things like scarves, cider, pumpkin spice lattes and the changing of the leaves. Here in Seattle, we barely had a summer but I hope the Fall season is somewhat warm and windy. Wishful thinking I suppose.

Another one of my favorite things about the Fall is that it begins the baking season followed by the Holiday season. At this point I am sure most of you are annoyed at the reminder. (sorry) However, too-unbelievably -soon-to-be-here, as it may be I welcome it. It gives me a chance to try out some new recipes and enjoy some old ones.

What dishes remind you of Fall?

For me its apples, pumpkins, turkey/stuffing, hot stews/soups and potato rolls. Kind of all somewhat related to a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

Over the next few weeks I will be posting Fall favorites from around the web. My favorite Top 10’s of yummy fall things. Until then here is one to enjoy!  Stay tuned.

Roasted Fall Vegetables in Cheddar Crust – Eatingwell.com


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