October Happenings 2010

October Happenings!

Halloween Baking & Candy Store
Halloween Cookie Cutters Store
Halloween Cookbooks & Party Store
Halloween Recipes

What’s New…

October Happenings!

My Halloween Recipes and Tips

Favorite  Halloween Articles, candy, food/ cookie recipes, treats for trick or treating, plus Halloween party ideas!

Tara’s Top 10 Halloween Recipes & Tips: New Items added Weekly…Stay tuned!

Tara’s Kitchen Halloween Store Central


Halloween Baking


Want to take my Halloween cookie decorating class? Try this (if you live in Washington state). Check It Out Now!

Baking with Kids

Recipes and tips for easy, edible Halloween projects

The Epicurious Taste Test


Which tastes better: Snickers or Baby Ruth? Nestlé Crunch or Hershey’s Krackle? Kids and adults pick their favorite snack-sized chocolates

Retro Candy


Appleheads, Boston Baked Beans, Pop Rocks, Squirrel Nut Zippers, and more old-fashioned sweets, plus where to buy candy online

Food Network Halloween


Martha’s Halloween Central


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