Orange Cake

I got this recipe from a friend. It seemed like the oddest mix of ingredients but I had to try and the end result was super yummy… but very sweet!


1 Regular/plain yellow cake mix                                                                                         
1  3oz pkg orange jello  (optional -cherry, lime etc)                                                                                     
4   eggs
½ C  oil
2  C  powdered sugar
½ C orange juice
9 X 13 pan

Bake cake and jello according to directions until done   
After removing from oven puncture warm cake with a fork
Mix powdered sugar, orange juice.
Pour powdered sugar-orange juice mixture over cake.

Let sit for 15 mins.

Tara’s Note:

Original recipe did not include water but I found the batter thick and decided to add it. Either way this cake seems to stay moist for ages! I also made it in a bundt pan.

I would love to try this with a lemon cake.


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