Potato Salad

3 Pounds Boiled Potatoes
4 Hard Boiled Eggs, Chopped
4 Tablespoons Of Mayonnaise Or Miracle Whip
2 Tablespoons Of Sweet Pickle Relish
1 Teaspoon Of Yellow Mustard
1/4 Teaspoon Salt
1/4 Teaspoon Pepper
Paprika, Parsley, garnish

Rinse potatoes thoroughly under running water. Place potatoes into a large pot and cover with at least two inches of cold water. Bring water to rolling boil and cook potatoes until tender.  Once potatoes are done remove from heat, pour out water and allow to cool.

Place eggs into a small boiling pot and add cold water. Cook eggs on medium-high heat until done. Remove from heat, add cold water and allow to cool before chopping.

Once potatoes have cooled peel them and mash them up one at a time into your large pot. Add chopped eggs, mayonnaise, yellow mustard, sweet pickle relish, salt and pepper. Mix all of the ingredients thoroughly. Start with the above measurements and adjust to your desired taste.

Spoon the combined mixture into a suitable size bowl with lid. For the purpose of presentation, top mixture with a sprinkle of paprika and parsley.  Cover with lid and refrigerate. Serve salad cold.


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