Cake- Fondant Covered Chocolate Cake

I made this cake on my birthday. I wanted cake so I thought I’ll just make my own.

One day I will figure out how to make the fondant super smooth and not lumpy looking. However, this is my 2nd cake with fondant so it’s not too bad.

I used 2 8in baking pans. The cake is chocolate with white icing as a filling with purple fondant stars. I wanted to try the torte or layered look with this cake and I discovered its way easier than I would have thought.

I wanted a border at the base of the cake but did not want to use more fondant so I went with the buttercream icing I had left over. The stars were really purple, however the photos show them with a blueish color into it. I used a gold powder to brush onto the purple stars to give it a different look.

I also made some cupcakes with the excess batter, frosting and fondant.

Check back later for a list of products I used for this cake.

You can check out the gallery below of other photos of the cake.


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