Camping Check List

When camping I would suggest you bring the following items to make your life easier…

*Campfire grill/BBQ grill
*Folding table
*Fire starters/newspaper
*Dutch oven
*Tablecloth/thumb tacks/clips
*Plates & bowls/paper plates & bowls
*Mugs/paper cups
*Silverware/plastic silverware
*Mixing bowl
*Measuring cups
*Cutting board
*Heavy-duty aluminum foil
*Ziplock bags
*Paper towels
*Trash bags
*Dish pan
*Dish soap
*Dish rags/towels
*Clothes pins
*Scrub pad/brillo
*Cooking oil/Pam spray
*Containers for food storage
*Potato peeler, two if you want help.. hehe
*Shade tarp/poles/rope/stakes
*Dust brush
*Bug repellent/candles
*Water filters/purification/treatment
*Camp chairs
*First aid kit
*Plastic grocery bags
*Rope/clothes line
*Work gloves
*Fire extinguisher
*Large water jug & water bucket
*Potholders/oven mitts
*Pots and frying pans with lids
*Soap for outside of pots and pans
*Stove with fuel/propane
*Cook utensils-spatula, knife, spoon
*Skewers/grill forks
*Dutch oven/tin can stove/box oven/etc
*Can opener/bottle opener


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